Fun With Gymnastics Pressing Movements
(Perform 3-5 Reps Per HSPU Set OR 5-10 Per Push Up Set, But Keep It Perfect!)

#1 HSPU's (Work On Kicking Up, Wall Walks, Pushing Up (Facing OR Not Facing The Wall))
#2 Push Ups (Weighted Push Ups, Suspended Push Ups, Single Arm Push Ups, Or Just Regular)

* You Will Have 15 Minutes To Mess Around With Any Of The Following Movements Once We Get A Good Shoulder Warm Up In
** Get Better At Something Today!

WORKOUT: Try To Complete This Section In 10-12 Minutes
Perform In Any Order That You Want, But Perform The Following THREE Options As Fast As Possible...
#1 - 250m Row (Aim For Under :45/:50)
#2 - 200m Run (.125 Miles On Treadmill OR Outside If You Dare!)
#3 - 20 Burpees (SPRINT!)
* Rest 2-3 Minutes Between Attempts... You Can Try Anything More Than Once To Try To Get A Better Score, But All Must Be Done At Least Once!

POST WORKOUT STRENGTH WORK: Try To Finish With A Partner In 8 Minutes Or Less
75 Hip Extension Leg Curls With A Stability Ball OR Slideboard
* Try To Perform These In As Few Sets As Possible... Aim For Less Than 3 Total Sets


A Glimpse Into Our New Home For The Next Month Or So...

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VanBeek Fitness said...

Great Turnout At The New Place Tonight... Had 12 Total People!

Had Some Single Arm Push Ups From Dave & Kevin

Erin, Dani & Jill Got Into A Handstand For The First Time In A Long Time...

Great Workouts Tonight All!