Weighted Box Jumps
* You Can Take Two Approaches To This Workout:
Option 1 - Keep The Box Height Low & Attempt To Jump With As Heavy Of A DB Load As Possible
Option 2 - Keep The Load Low To Moderate & Try To Reach The Highest Box Possible
** You Will Have Exactly 12 Minutes To Finish This Part... Perform A New Set Every 2:30-3:00

As A Combined Effort Among All Those In Attendance You Must Complete A 5k Run AND A 5k Row
* 30 Minute Cutoff *

The Rules For This Workout:
Obviously Only Two Members Of The Class Can Work At A Time On Either The Run (You Can Complete Your Portion Of The Run Outside If You Choose Or On The Treadmill) Or The Row
A Maximum Of 250-500m Of Rowing And 200-400m Of Running Can Be Completed By Any Person At Any Time
All Members In The Class Must Run Or Row At Least Once Before A Person That Has Already Gone Can Go Again
If You Are Not Running Or Rowing You Must Perform One Of The Following At The Top Of Each Minute Until Both 5k Distances Are Completed:
1. 15 Second Hollow Rock
2. 15 Sit Ups
3. 5-10 Strict Knee Raises Or Toes 2 Bar

Team Effort On This One So Make It An All Out Sprint When You Come Up!

We Will Scale Distances As Needed For Smaller Class Sizes


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