Outline Of The Festivities For Tomorrow's Grand Opening:

1. We Will Have Informal Introduction Of Your Coaches, Their Background & Beliefs About Training, Etc... We Like To Talk, But We Will Try To Keep It Short

2. Run Through A Group Dynamic Warm Up & A Thorough Explanation Of Why We Warm Up This Way & How To Warm Up If You Ever Hit A WOD On Your Own

3. Divide Into Teams Of 3-5 & Explain The Mystery Group Workout, What Options Your Group Has To Perform The Work Being Laid Out In The Workout, Movement Standards & Scale Options

4. Quick Post Workout Mobility Training... Yeah, It's Not The Sexiest Part Of Training, But Still Needs To Be Done

5. FOOD! We Will Have A Social Gathering For Whatever Time Is Remaining Between Post-WOD & The Next Class Time... We Really Want To Encourage You To Get To Know Any New Faces In The Classes You Are In & Turn This Crossfit Gym Into A Crossfit Community!  That's What Sets Our Place Apart From The Rest!

We Will Provide Some Paleo Food Items Of Our Own, But Feel Free To Bring Something Of Your Own (Paleo Or Not...There Are No Judgements Here :)) For Everyone To Share Post-WOD

Class Times Are 9:00AM, 10:15AM, & 11:30AM...

Anyone & Everyone No Matter What Ability Is Welcomed!

See You All Tomorrow!

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