For time:
3 Dumpster Shuttles
21-15-9 of
Weighted Burpees (45/25)
3 Dumpster Shuttles

*The Dumpster Shuttles consist of a run starting at the bay doors, across the parking lot to the dumpster, and back for each one. Dress warm if you plan on coming to 5am! For the Weighted Burpees, you will start each set with the plate at your waist, then you may drop it and begin your set. You do not have to jump at the top of the burpee, but the plate must be taken all the way overhead.

5AM and Noon classes added to today and Thursday... let's see who comes in early, or on their lunch break.


Carolyn said...

It was nice to run again. Knees2waist,15# weighted burpees. Time 15:18.

Anonymous said...

let me start with running sucks!!! it is for skinny people, Anyway now that I got that out of way Did Knees2waist, #45 weighted Burpees as if they are not hard enough. 16:40for me.


Kayla said...

Oh Roger, you'll get to hating running a little less everytime you run :). Keep up the hard work and I guarantee you'll be busting out 400's like it's nothing!

Shannon said...

14:54 with knees to waist and 25# weighted burpees. Need to work on this flexibility issue.