Perform 3 - 5 warm up sets, working up to 75% of your 1RM Deadlift.
Part 1: 5 reps @ 75%
Rest 3 minutes
Part 2: As many reps as possible for one set of Deadlifts @ 75% of 1RM.


100 yard Shuttle Run / 1min clock
200 yard Shuttle Run / 2min clock
400 yard Shuttle Run / 3min clock
200 yard Shuttle Run / 2min clock
100 yard Shuttle Run / 1min clock

*For Part 2 of the Deadlifts, your hands will remain on the bar for the entire set, and all reps will be "touch and go"; no resting at the bottom. For the Shuttle Runs, they will all be back to back. You will have the amount of time on the clock to complete your run each time, and any time left on the clock will be your rest time, so run fast. :-)


Anonymous said...

280# on 10 rep Dead lift. up 15# from last time. i will take that.
As far as the runs go 100-26sec 200-59sec 400-70sec second 200 60sec last 100-25sec Running sucks.


Yankees24 said...

245 10RM don't remember the times other then first and last were 17. PR on the ten RM.

stull77 said...

Jeremy and Eldon. 330# 10 rm deadlift

Carolyn said...

Dead Lift 120# x 10
Shuttle Run :23,:50,2:05,1:00,:21

MoniqueCFChick said...

195x10 deadlift!!!

Mandy G. said...

143# x 10

Anonymous said...

8th overall in North Central Region 5 Solid workouts. Nice Going Justin.