Gymnastics Skills Fun! **Bring Long Socks or Leg Sleeves**

We are going to work on a selection of skills and progressions today. Some of these you may feel you don't need to work on, and some you may not want to work on… strangely enough, the ones you dislike are most often the movements and progressions you need to work on the most. Having said that, here is what's on the docket for the day.


Handstand / Handstand Push-ups / Ring Handstand Push-ups
Rope Climbs
Assisted Bar Muscle Ups / Ring Muscle Up Progression / Strict Ring Muscle Ups
Front Lever / Back Lever

*We will go over these movements, and you will get most of your time today to practice them. Obviously, some of these are more advanced skills than others, but you can still work on progressing from assisted movements, and refining your abilities, so you can eventually move on to the more advanced ones over time. The idea is to Just.Get.Better. :-)


Lisa Dempsey said...

I fear kicking up into handstands because my hammies are so tight, so I worked on that today. Also did rope climbs because they are plain fun.

My daughter, Rachel, joined class today (first "real class") after on ramp. She did 3 rope climbs and worked on handstands. Thank you everyone for welcoming her!

Carla V said...

It was a blast and welcome Rachel! This place ROCKS!
C. Vice