LONGS SOCKS OR PANTS TODAY. Each Class will be split into 4 Teams, as balanced-ish as we can make them. We have 4 Climbing Ropes… what a coincidence!!! If we have an especially small class, we may cut the reps by a bit, and you guys wouldn't want that right? Get in here!

For Time Complete 5 Rounds of:

400m Run
60 Push-ups
8 Rope Climbs

*Your team must leave on the 400m Run at the same time, every round, but if one of your teammates is fast, they may begin the Rope Climbs or Push-ups as soon as they get back. However, only 2 of you may work at a time on Push-ups and Climbs. You may distribute the work however your team sees fit, BUT… everyone must do at least 1 Push-up EVERY ROUND. Also, everyone must complete 1 Rope Climb (or their scale for a Rope Climb) over the course of the workout. Everyone will do all of the Running each round.


Jason Monroe said...

1RC short of 5 rds.
Rds 1 & 2 were arms only
40 PUs each rd

With Dave Rogers

Carla Vice said...

with Suzie! Great job on the running Suze!
I scaled a bit on the running, had my dog and did only about 200 yrds on the 5th round and 5 push ups on the bar.
I did two RC all 4 rounds
did most all of push ups legal or strict manly ones

John Dunn said...

4 rounds plus 50 pu and 6 rope climbs with Kevin and Cody.

Rachel said...

3 rounds + run to dumpster and back RX with Katherine and Dani

Crystal Stidham said...

4 rounds