Time for a program alteration!

We will still be Olympic Lifting at least 2-3 times a week, but we will be using percentages more instead of always building to a max load every time...

We also are bringing Back Squat, Deads and Pressing back into the mix during the middle of the week and having a speed/skill Olympic day on Fridays...

Let us know how you like it!

SKILLS: 10-15 minutes
Perform the following two skills for 3 total sets, but NOT FOR TIME...
- Alternating Pistol Squats (3-6 reps PER Leg.. Make these hard, but PERFECT)
- Ring Dips OR Dip Negatives (Ladies - 3-5 reps, Men - 6-10 reps)
(Muscle Up into Postion if you are able for Dips)

POWER WORK: 15-20 minutes
3 Position Clean and Jerk with 80% of your best JERK MAX (3 Total sets @ 80% on a 3:00 Clock)
- Rep 1 - High Hang SQUAT Clean & PUSH PRESS
- Rep 2 - Mid-Thigh POWER Clean & Push OR Split Jerk
- Rep 3 - Floor POWER Clean & Push OR Split Jerk
* Use the SAME weight FOR ALL SETS once you quickly work up to 80%

Let's get the legs loose for Murph tomorrow :)

Run relay in TEAMS of TWO to THREE..  We will break each class into as even of teams as possible and each member will perform the following run in order for time...
- Sprint to Blacktop & Back (Each member does this once before moving onto...)
- Sprint to Pole & Back
- Sprint to Dumpster & Back
- Sprint to Rock Outside of the Main Gate by Regal Awards & Back
- Sprint to Dumpster & Back
- Sprint to Pole & Back
- Sprint to Blacktop & Back

No time cut for this one... Winner take all!


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Lisa Dempsey said...

pistols with 2# counter weight; ring dips Rx (first time no band)
65# clean complex
Relay with Ariel and Shayla! Way to go guys. Fun day!