Power/Strength 20 Minutes:
3 Position Squat Clean @ 80 - 85% (Start at 80%, and move up if your last set was solid)

5 Sets on a 3 Minute clock of:
Rep 1: Mid-thigh Hang Squat Clean
Rep 2: Top of Knee Hang Squat Clean
Rep 3: Full Squat Clean

Then some Gymnastics...

Death by Strict Pull-ups
On a continuously running clock perform:
1 Strict Pull-up the first minute
2 Strict Pull-ups the second minute
3 Strict Pull-ups the third minute
4 Strict Pull-ups the fourth minute
.... continue in this pattern, adding a Strict Pull-up every minute, until you aren't able to finish your set in that minute.


Sharon said...

90#; 7 rds + r reps w/ med black band

Jason Monroe said...

87 reps (34 c2b + 53)

Brianne Kemp said...

115#, 5 rounds

Rachel said...

103#, 5 rounds without band, through 8th round with purple band