Keeping it simple on Saturday. Team Workout!!!

In Teams of 3 - 4 (depending on class size):

"Team Row-Riley" For Time:

2,100m Row
210 Burpees w/Jump Over Rower (you may step over)
2,100m Row

**25 Minute Cut-off**

*Break up the work however you choose, but you must complete all of each movement, before moving on to the next. Only one athlete works at a time, so treat each time you're "working" as a sprint since you should get plenty of "down time" to recover. You should be rowing under 2mins per 500m, and Burpees should take you around 10mins, if you're really fast... who's gonna win today?!

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Lisa Dempsey said...

James, Carrie and I were a team. Did 180 burpees and finished
the last 300m of the row after time was called.
Thanks James and Carrie for
carrying the row. Good job!