Team Workout Saturday!!! Bring your long socks and/or pants, and your jump rope... :-)

In Teams of 2 - 3 depending on class size

As Many Rounds As Possible in 20 Minutes of:

5 Burpees
1 Rope Climb
30 Double Unders

*Only one person works at a time, completing the entire round before your partner takes over. The ropes for Rope Climbs will be first come, first served... so MOVE FAST! If you cannot climb the rope, you may substitute 3 Pull-ups, so we don't get too backed up at the ropes. If you need to scale Double Unders, you may do 50 Single Unders, BUT... make sure you can complete them quickly, so your partner(s) can get back into action.


Emilie Goldsberry said...

19 rds + 6 DU with Emma

Darren said...

16 rounds + 10 du with Colin