20 Minutes including warm-up sets:
Complex: Out of a rack - 2 x Front Squat, 1 PUSH Jerk, 2 x Front Squat, 1 SPLIT Jerk
*Try to find a heavy load you can accomplish this complex without dumping the barbell. You will only have 20 minutes to work your way up, so be smart about your sets. You must take it from the rack and perform the entire complex UNBROKEN for it to count as complete. You may use either leg  as your dominant leg for the Split Jerk.

Then, some Funday Monday...

6 Rounds For Time:
20 Second L-Hang (hanging from rig)
30' Bear Crawl Shuttle (5' & back, 10' & back)
**10 Minute Cut-off**

*We will set up some small cones inside the gym for your Bear Crawl Shuttles, so you can go directly from the rig into them. If you cannot perform an L-Hang, you may do Hanging Knee Raise Holds, but you should perform the hardest option you can accomplish.


Emilie Goldsberry said...

135# for the complex- can feel the positive effects of front squat cycle already
6 min and something for the other part

Darren said...


Lisa Dempsey said...

80# ugly; 75# ok (the split jerk is always tough. You're airborn with all that weight for a half-second. Freaky.)


Lisa Dempsey said...

Clarifying that my 75# set is the one that counts. The 80# set was performed broken.

VICE said...

115 for the front squat complex
6:36 for the WOD, did L sits for the first 3, the 3rd being a little lower

Sharon said...


Crystal Stidham said...

Complex: 105#
Crawl: 6:15 - bent knees

Eldon said...

Did this one at work tonight

Anonymous said...

135# Complex
7:49 - I'm a slow bear.

Rachel said...


Susannah Dunn said...

113# for the complex. I was not feeling good at all after the heavy deadlifts on Sunday. My legs were in full revolt.

6:38 (raised knees)

Colin McDermott said...

230# (missed split)