(5:30 to 7PM)

Come and work on a weakness, make up a workout you might have missed, get a run or row in, make up your own workout, or work on a weak movement...

Hope to see a lot of you today!

Post what you accomplished today to Comments


VanBeek Fitness said...

Good to see Roger, Carolyn, and Kevin at Open Gym... If you have the option I really want to encourage you to take advantage of Tuesday nights to help you improve your understanding of lifts or movements that you havent mastered... I'm always here to help you improve!

Anonymous said...

did 200 hammer/tire swings 100 situps and rode 50 calories on Bike for me. worked on kipping pullups again, got three this time with band help of course but getting there.and watched Kevin do sundays workout. it looked as hard as it was to do!!


Anonymous said...

Practiced kipping pu's & walking OH lunges. Found new skill to develope-pushaway on kips. Got 3 with purple band. Lunges-200M w/10# plate Feeling it today