* Pick one bodyweight movement where the second you hear it announced for a workout feelings of dread sweep over you
** Then pick a rep scheme that allows you to maintain PERFECT form for that rep scheme during a 15 minute time duration where you will be performing one set every minute on the minute for the entire 15 minute time frame
          Ex. For me it would be Handstand Push Ups... So I can Max Out at maybe 12-15 so I would choose to do anywhere from 3-5 reps every minute for the 15 minutes

Back BOX Squat
*Around 80-83% of your Box Squat Max, if you have one
** These are straight sets, not going for an all-time max here

Stay after for 5-10 minutes and really hit the roller and stretching hard... I'll have the areas posted that I want you to hit on the white board

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VanBeek Fitness said...

Box Squat Results
Roger - 12"+ RYG (155#)
Anne and Lindsey - 12" + RY (45#)
Carrie - 12" + Red (145#)
Sharon and Barb - 12" + RG (95#)
Carolyn - 12" + RG - Buffalo Bar - 95#