Dr. John Berardi Is The Authority On Nutrition No Matter What Your Goals Are...

He Recently Did A Seminar & Here Is An Outline Of Some Of His Basic Nutrition Practices With All Of His Clients... We Will Go Over All Of This On Sunday, But I Wanted To Post An Advanced Copy That You Can Read & Ask Questions About As We Go Through...

Nutrition Notes & Suggestions
Nutrition Success Is Governed By Three Main Things:
1) The Amount Of Food You Eat
            - This isn't the only factor, but it's the “driver” of the change you want
            - You need a negative energy balance to start to lean out & see change 
                           * Negative Balance Means You Burn More Calories Than You Take In
            - However, chronic negative energy balance can decrease performance
            - Some simple effective starting strategies:
                        1) Eat Slowly! Take 20 Minutes To Eat A Meal… Try It Once!
                        2) Start Taking Fish Oil (Omega 3’s/DHA/EPA) & A Good Multivitamin
                        3) Eat Till You’re 80% Full & Learn To Recognize When You're There
2) The Type Of Food You’re Eating
- The right foods will make you feel fuller longer - Higher fiber & higher protein content
            - Also help to control the level of insulin you release and energy crashes
            - Effect hormone release & their negative effects on the body
            - Body Type Eating:
                        Type 1 - Ectomorph - Thin, Long & Lean Body Type
                                    - Higher Carb, Moderate Protein & Higher Fat Diets
                        Type 2 - Mesomorph - More Muscular
                                    - More metabolic flexibility
                                    - Moderate Carbs, Moderate Protein, Moderate Fats
                        Type 3 - Endomorph - Stockier 
                                    - Less Insulin Sensitivity So Large Carb Concentrations Keep You From Becoming Leaner
                                    - Lower Carb Diets, Higher Fat Content & Higher Protein
3) The Time You Eat
            - Organize Your Biggest Meal Around Your Workouts
- Post Workout Your Body Will Continue To Burn Fat Even If You Eat A Larger Amount Of Carb During Your Post Workout Meal
- If You Did This At Any Other Time Your Fat Burning Stops In Favor Of Carb Burning Instead So Concentrate Your Carbs Around Your Workouts
- Decrease The Size Of Your Meals As You Get Further Away From Your Workout…
                        Example: Morning Workout -
- Breakfast Would Be My Biggest Meal, Lunch Would Be Moderate Size & Dinner Would Be My Smallest Meal And Vis Versa 
            - The TYPE Of Workout Makes A Difference…
- High Intensity Interval Training Requires That You Eat More Carbs In Your Post Workout Meal, BUT If You Go On A 20-30 Minute Walk You Haven't Gone Intense Enough To Require That Higher Carb Refueling
- Post Workout Meal Window Is Best Within 2 Hours Of A Higher Intensity Workout… Any Longer Isn’t Ideal

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David & Lori Wilhelm said...

Thanks Justin for the information. We appreciate you posting it online and will further discuss on Sunday.

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