Welcome Groupon Subscribers!

Take a look around & feel free to text, call or email with any questions about the intro sessions and any of the workouts listed that our classes do...

Some comments about why we require intro sessions... A lot of "boot camp" programs allow anyone to just jump into a 30-40 person class without any 1 on 1 explanation about proper human movement... That's where we are different!  We aren't just about going longer or just adding more reps... We are about teaching you to workout harder & smarter with everything in the gym transferring over to real life activity... So that being said it's important that you get an in depth understanding of all the key movements we use, how to execute them and why we use them in the first place... Ok, enough of a rant my me...

These workouts are TOUGH, but completely scalable and doable by every single person out there... We have 21 year olds working right along side 55 year olds in an intense and supportive atmosphere that can not be matched by many gyms in the Midwest!

One more thing... Do not put any limits on what you think you are capable of! Commit to us and we will show you the way to a stronger, healthier, fitter and even more important a MORE CONFIDENT version of yourself!

Take the plunge and see you soon!

VB Fitness

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