CrossFit Games Open WOD 12.
7 minutes of:
Burpees (must touch 6" above reach w/both hands)

*As many as possible!!!


stull77 said...

77.... YUCK!!

Carolyn said...

Did 67 burpees, high-end goal was 10/minute but definitely wanted to average 8/minute. Thanks Katie for counting and encouragement. ~Carolyn

Anonymous said...

Burpees with a jump who thought of that?? Any way did 54 about where I thought i would be missed on 4 touches seem like it was getting higher in later minutes.

Now I would like to make a suggestion and please weighing on this .I think anyone registered for the open games should do the workout, all at the SAME TIME!!! You will feed off each other. You all belong to the same CF Box and work together during the week.We all want to cheer each other on.So why not?? I have been to a few places where there are a bunch of people competing in the games, and the energy and excitement in the room is a lot higher than in normal setting!!Plus it gives everyone a chance to get after/encourage your coach !!:) if he happens to be doing the Wod. It is a lot of fun Think about it.


stull77 said...

I wouldn't mind another crack at that one.

Shannon said...

52! I shouldnt have taken so many breaks in between. probably should have gotten at least 60-65