6 Rounds for time:
4 Power Cleans (155/105)
8 Pistols (4 each leg)

*You may alternate legs for the pistols, or do all 4 on the same leg before switching. Here is a little video on pistols, so if you aren't quite sure what the heck a pistol IS exactly, this video will help. :-)

Justin's favorite speaker does pistol instruction.


Carolyn said...

walked in today just in time to see Megan and Carrie do Games Open WOD 12.1!! Nice going ladies!! Megan you really pushed it today back to back days are very hard.

Today in WOD I used #125 cleans plus a 20"Box for pistols 5:24 was the time.


Carolyn said...

Yes, it was to good watch Cari and Megan work so very hard on WOD 1 burpees...great effort ladies!

Power clean 53#'s, pistols 16" box, time 4:01...need to work on form and height.