Rest Day
Have you been "Leaderboarding" to see who's kicking ass in our region, or for the entire CrossFit Games Open? If you signed up for the open this year, what made you do it? If you decided not to, what held you back? Post thoughts to comments...

Remember... CrossFit Games Open Workout 12.2 tomorrow.


Kayla said...

I signed up for the open because I needed a reality check a reason for training. I've lost the mental toughness and I want it back. The open for me is going to be a benchmark as well as an opportunity to expose my weaknesses. I hope to find more mental toughness through the five weeks. My goal for the open is simply to do every WOD Rx'd.
I will come out a stronger, smater crossfit athlete at the end of the open and maybe with a few prs.

Brandon said...

I did not sign up to be officially scored for the open this year. I felt I would better serve our gym this year by getting more organized, and getting my brain back in the game, as well as my body. My times for workouts lately haven't been where I would like them, so I'm using the open to gage myself, but this year I'm happy just to cheer and encourage all of our athletes. Next year... next year... it's on. :-)