Active Rest & Skills Day
It's Tuesday again, which means it's time for you to come in and practice a few things you might need a little extra attention on. Today is a good day to makeup a missed workout, or to focus on something specific.
We want to hear your ideas on the next batch of t-shirts, so post any ideas or suggestions you may have, to comments. We know the men's shirts sold out pretty fast last time, so if you're interested in getting in on the next run of shirts, post that, as well as your ideas. Who knows... maybe your suggestion will be on our next shirt.


Mandy G. said...

Idea for shirts: Women's tank tops

stull77 said...

CFH Logo on the left chest and then Crossfit Hydro on the back or or big H° logo on back. I really like the material that you guys got for these shirts so i would say keep that the same. I will buy a couple when you get them. I take a schmedium...;)... I mean an xl.

Anonymous said...

Tank tops are a great idea!