Chipper For Time:

1 Dumpster Shuttle
50 OH Walking Lunges (45# plate/25# plate)
40 Push Press (75/55)
30 KB Swings (53/35)
20 Hang Power Cleans (75/55)
10 Cartwheels (One each way = 1)
1 Dumpster Shuttle

*For the cartwheels, you must alternate your lead hand for each rep to count. You must do a cartwheel both ways for each rep.


Darren said...

11:28 rx'd

erin said...

I always miss the fun ones.


Brandon S. said...

8:26 Rx'd

Anonymous said...

This one really suck for me along with running, the Dam cartwheels or whatever I was trying to do were awful But made it with 1 second to go :) thanks everyone for the encouragment at the end I needed it.


Megan said...

9:18 Rx'd