No Class Today...
Today we are attending a Gymnastics Seminar held at CrossFit Omaha, and hosted by Carl Paoli. Justin and I will be trying to pick up some new tools, and training methodologies, and bringing them back to CrossFit Hydro. Our hope is to be better trainers every day, and we're hoping this seminar will help advance us in our goals, and make coaching gymnastics easier for us, and for you. Who knows, maybe we will pick up something that will help get you to do the elusive Muscle-Up. :-)

Today's WoD...

Spades: Jumping Jacks
Hearts: Trips Up/Down Stairs
Clubs: Push-ups

*Grab a backpack, and stuff it full of laundry. Grab a deck of cards; remove the Jokers and ALL of the Diamonds. Find a staircase with at least 8 stairs; as a sub for the staircase you can do Bearcrawls, where every 4 steps = 1 rep. You will wear the backpack for the entire workout.

**Shuffle the cards after removing the Jokers and Diamonds. Each suit represents the movement it's paired with above, and the number on the card is the amount of reps you will complete before moving to the next card. Face cards = 10 reps, Aces = 15 reps. The Trip Up a flight of stairs = 1 rep, each Trip Down a flight of stairs = 1 rep... carry your cards with you so you don't make extra trips to get to the next card. You will go through the entire deck of cards; the objective is just to keep moving. You may time this workout, or you may just go through THE INCOMPLETE DECK and not worry about the clock today. Let us know what you thought of this workout, post thoughts to comments. We'll see you guys on Sunday. :-)

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Brandon said...

The Gymnastics Seminar was a great experience, and we certainly have some new things to try out, to help you guys become better, more mobile athletes. I wish I could go through it again... ha! So nobody did today's workout?! :-)