After a solid warmup, we will pair you up with another athlete, and you will each help count reps for the other, to simulate the Open. We are going to do another Open workout from last year, but we're changing the way the timing works… you'll see. :-)

CrossFit Games Open Workout 13.5

As Many Rounds As Possible in 4 Minutes of:

15 Thrusters (100/65)
15 Chest2Bar Pull-ups

**The Catch - For every round you complete, you will get an additional 60 seconds to get more work done. For example: When you get round 1 done, you will automatically get to keep working to the 5 Minute mark, and upon completing round 2 you will get until the 6 Minute mark to keep working… and you will continue in this fashion until you run out of time.
IF YOU GET 3 ROUNDS COMPLETED IN 4 MINUTES: You will automatically get 4 additional minutes to keep working; this is the same as it was last year in the Open.**

Try to get as closed to the prescribed workout as possible today, within reason.


Kevin said...

2 rounds + 9 rx

Jennylynn said...

1 round + 8rx
Son of a Biscuit!

Grace Carodan said...

Ouch! #65 1rd +10 pu

Grace Carodan said...

Ouch! #65 1rd +10 pu

Lisa Dempsey said...

1 round + 18 reps. 65# and skinny red band. An Rx weight! Finally.

Anonymous said...

1 round plus 26 reps @65# age
group rx

Nick Lurz said...

1 round + 23 reps, 85#

Lisa Dempsey said...

Rachel Dempsey: 1 round + 7 reps @ 35#; green band

Jordan said...

3 rds + 5 PU rxd
Nice job Lisa! That sucked just like last year!

Emilie Goldsberry said...

46 reps RX'd; first workout with CTB w/o bands!!!

Anonymous said...

80 reps Rx'd

Colin McDermott said...

2 + 28 rx