Skill Work 10 - 15 Minutes (including warm up sets)
Push Jerk - Work up to 60 - 70% of your 1RM. Then do 5 perfect reps at that load (they don't need to be consecutive). Remember, this is SKILL WORK with a moderate load, so treat it as practice. Work on getting under the bar quickly, and efficiently. Make sure you doing a Push Jerk, not a Push Press, or some other variation.


Every Minute On the Minute for 12 Minutes:

1st Minute: 10 Burpees (Games athletes - 6 Burpees)
2nd Minute: 10 Toes2Bar (Games athletes - 6 Toes2Bar)
3rd Minute: 10 Deadlifts @ 185/135 (Games athletes - 6 Deadlifts)
… repeat this cycle 4 times, until 12 Minutes is up…

*If you're signed up for the Open, and you decide to come in today, keep your loads moderate, and make sure you don't skimp on mobility. The Deadlift should be 70% of your 1RM AT MOST. If 70% of your 1RM Deadlift is lighter than 185/135, then do 60 - 70% of your 1RM.

Row OR Bike 5 - 10 Minutes
Keep it slow and steady, you only need to keep moving, not set a new record. :-)


RF said...

I wrote 135lbs on the board for my dead lifts... should have been 155. Someone fix my math error!

Sharon said...

73# push jerk, 113# deadlift

Colin McDermott said...