OPEN WOD 14.1!

Everyone is welcome for this one... We ask that you try to request a heat time ASAP from what is remaining (we will run heats of 4 men & 4 women every 15 minutes)

Here is the WOD:

10 minute AMRAP of:
30 Double Unders
15 Power Snatches (55#/75#)

Here are what's still available for heat times...

Sunday Heats... So far!
1- 11am - Crystal, Emilie, Brittany, Angie (4 Men)
2- 11:15- Jen, Kayla,Carly, Kevin S., Laura, Tom (2 Men)
3- 11:30- Megan, Dave, Eric, Justin, Chris, Grace, Elle, Lisa (FULL)
4- 11:45- Emma, Lindsey H., Susie, Jill, Josh, Anthony, Brandon, Cody (FULL)
5- 12:00-Colin, John, Brendan, Trent, Steph, Carla, Carrie (1 Woman)
6- 12:15- Roger, Jordan, Dawn, Katherine, Dan, Joanna , Kevin G. (1 Woman)
7- 12:30- Carolyn, Rachel, Jay, Kourtney, Lindsey M, Chris K. (2 Men)
8- 12:45- Bri, Dani, 
9- 1:00-
10- 1:15-
11- 1:30-
12- 1:45-



Emilie Goldsberry said...

175; not able to get into a rhythm on the DUs again but 35 more than Friday so WOO HOO!

John Dunn said...

140. 8 reps better than Thursday and more DUs than I've ever done in one workout so I'll take it!

Anonymous said...

110 hope this comment doesn't double ha

Brianne Kemp said...

215. Not what I wanted but better than last time.