Strength/Accessory Work 15 Minutes:

5 Sets of 6 - 8 Reps
Heavy Dumbbell Rows or Weighted Ring Rows

*You can mix it up between these two movements, but make sure whichever you do is HEAVY. You shouldn't coast through these sets, they should be hard so you can help balance out your shoulders by hitting some pulling movements like these. 

Speed/Skill Work 10 Minutes:

3 Sets of 10 Unbroken Reps
Thrusters @ 40 - 50% of your 1RM Push Press

*Rest 2 - 3 Minutes between sets, and try to go unbroken on all three sets. These should not be heavy, but feel light to moderate, and doable in sets of 10.

Mobility/Cool Down
Hit the Bike or Rower for 5 Minutes, then use bands or a lacrosse ball and/or a roller on your shoulders/lats/traps. Don't Skip This!!!

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