Don't skimp your warmup (if you normally do, that is… you know who you are. ha!).

In teams of 2 Perform:
As Many Rounds As Possible in 30 Minutes of

5 Push-ups
10 No-Squat Wall Ball Shots (20/14)
15 Double Unders

…The Catch - While your partner works on Push-ups, Wall Ball, and Double Unders, you must stand on one leg while holding a 5#/2.5# metal plate over your head. If your second leg comes down, and/or you bring the plate down (you may not hold it on your head, it must be above it) your partner has to stop working until you have resumed your "Flamingo Stance" with the plate over your head. You only have to hold the plate with one hand, although you may use both, and you may switch hands at any time, as long as you keep the plate above your head. Your partner must finish a complete round before you switch places. If you do not have Double Unders, today you must perform 45 Singles to take their place (hint… start working on your Doubles).

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Colin McDermott said...

28+5 pushups (w/ Katherine)