8 Minutes ONLY:
Find your Max Height Box Jump

Then, more fun with the Regionals WoDs.

2014 Team Event 7… mostly…
Male/Female (if possible) pairs move through stations of:

500m Row while partner completes 125 Double Unders (each person does both)
50 Deadlifts, partner holds barbell at the waist (275 / 185 lb.)50 Toes2Bar

**21 Minute Cut-off**

*Scale your reps appropriately today, this workout will beat up your grip pretty bad, and we want you to finish. Remember, the people starting behind you are going to be going hard too, and you don't want them to catch you… do you? :-) For the Deadlifts, partners must alternate after every 5 successful reps, with one person performing Deadlifts while the other remains locked out at the top of the Deadlift. Partners may NOT alternate until one person performs 5 reps. You must also alternate every 5 reps on the Toes2Bar, BUT… you do NOT need to hang from the bar while your partner performs them, we are keeping safety in mind for these today (when you make it to Regionals, then you can hang from the rig… ha!). You may perform 250 Singles if you don't have Double Unders, and you can scale the reps/weight to something manageable, but challenging. We will perform this workout in a waterfall fashion, with teams of 2 going every 5 - 7ish minutes at each station, so again, make sure you get help scaling your workout so you don't get stuck at one movement.


Lisa Dempsey said...

We had baseball and softball this morning so I self-WODed:
3 mi run; then:
4 rounds of 25 back squat w/ 45# mens bar; 25 barbell rows; 50 situps (no arm swing overhead)

Chris Daniels said...

18 min rx me and Carly! Fun wod!

Carly Height said...

Great WOD! Great job Chris!