Metabolic conditioning today guys… team style.

In Teams of 2 - 3:
As Many Rounds As Possible in 20 Minutes:
15 Burpees
15 Ball Slams (20+/14+)

*The Catch - Only one teammate works at a time, completing an entire round before their partner(s) begins their round, BUT… while the one teammate is working on the Burpees and Ball Slams, the rest of the team must Hollow Hold, and/or Plank Hold. If any member of the team drops from their Hollow or Plank position, you must stop working until they can resume their position. Each team member must complete an entire round before the next team member can begin the Burpees and Ball Slams.

**If there is time left**
Row or Bike 5 Minutes to cool down.


Lisa Dempsey said...

13 rds + 19 reps (20#)
Lisa and Carrie

Crystal Stidham said...

Me & Linsey
10.5 rds, 30# ball

Chris Daniels said...

Me and Cody 13+12

So sweaty. ....

Colin McDermott said...

13 rounds (40# MB)
with Kolar