Skill Work 10 Minutes:
Split Jerk w/both Dominant & Non-Dominant foot forward
*Do this skill work with an empty barbell. Work on footwork, foot placement, and speed under the bar.


5 Rounds of:

1 Minute Max Effort Strict Pull-ups
1 Minute Max Effort Double Unders
1 Minute Max Effort Air Squats
1 Minute Rest

*No Single Unders today… even if you only get 1 Double Under for the entire workout, make the attempts so you can get the practice in.


Anonymous said...

Pull-ups: 41
Double Unders: 299
Air Squats: 140

Emilie Goldsberry said...

Movement totals
Pull ups: 22 no band
DU: 252 yay!
Air squats: 197

Jordan said...

pullups: 93
DU: 291
Air squats: 178

Lisa Dempsey said...

53# jerk work
41 pullups (no band)
822m row (can't put pressure on left foot so no DU)
239 air squats (my absolute fav! I love the discomfort. Don't know why.)

Carolyn said...

PU 34 w/med black,then thin red, then skinny orange
DU 48
Air Squat 140

Chris Daniels said...

37 pu 180 du 121 air squats.

Rachel said...

PU 32!!!!! No band!
DU 217
Squats 146

Sharon said...

Pull ups 47 green & skinny red bands
DU 34 (I had a lot of misses)
Air squats 106

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Colin McDermott said...

60 PUs
238 DUs
160 Squats