LONG SOCKS or LONG PANTS today guys!!!

Power/Pull Development 10 Minutes

3 Snatch Pulls every 2:30 for 4 total sets (10min)
Set 1 - 85%
Set 2 - 90%
Set 3 - 95%
Set 4 - 100%
*Start from the floor every rep, and pull to just above the knee where you will PAUSE for a full 3 Seconds before finishing your pull aggressively.


2014 Regional Individual Event 5

10 Rounds For Time of:

1 Legless Rope Climb (touch the bottom of the knot)
200ft Sprint (100ft down & 100ft back)

**8 Minute Cut-off**

*Come in and try this one out! Don't feel like you can't, even if you don't think you have the Rope Climbs, we can scale for everyone. Super fast cut-off, so get as far as you can. You have to climb UP the rope with no legs, but as soon as you touch the knot, use of your legs is ALLOWED to climb down.


pirish said...

135# snatch pull, 7 rounds (had to use legs).

RF said...

165# snatch pull, 9 rounds: one legless, 6 with legs, 2 from floor.

Emilie Goldsberry said...

93# snatch pull, ~8:10 clock ran out on final run

Darren said...

140# snatch pull
7:51 rx

Anonymous said...

4:42 Rx'd


Jordan said...

5:47 rxd

Nice job Mario!

Anonymous said...

7:23 (2.5 rounds leg less)


John Dunn said...

145# Snatch Pull
7:41 3 rounds Legless 7 with legs

Way to kill your last Hydro workout Mario. Good Luck!

Lisa Dempsey said...

70# snatch pull
Started 9th rope climb.

Wait. What? Mario are you leaving? Now? I thought you were moving in the fall. Great job on the ropes/run.

Carolyn said...

55# | 8 Rounds seated

Susannah Dunn said...

I like the snatch pull work! Finally understanding the tension we should be feeling through the various pulls. Thanks! #88

8 rds and 1 of 2 seated rope climbs in rd 9

Lisa Dempsey said...

I agree Susie. Pulling after the 3 sec pause really made me see how you must drop under the bar as the weight continues upward even though we only pulled to our chest. I can see also how crucial the hip power is to this lift.

Anonymous said...

105 snatch

Finish all ten Rds seated