Gymnastic Skill Work 10 Minutes:
Pistols - 3 sets of 10 (5 each leg)
You may use boxes, plates, and bands, but make it harder than the last time you did them. Take away some of the assistance, so you can keep progressing towards getting them unassisted.

In Teams of 2 - 3 people

As Many Rounds (and Reps) As Possible in 20 Minutes:
5 Toes2Bar
Walking Lunges (from the Rig to the Wall)
5 No-Squat Wall Ball Shots (20/14)

**The Catch - Every minute on the minute EVERYONE must perform 3 Burpees, including the first minute.**

*You will complete an entire round before your partner goes, and only one of you will work at a time (except for Burpees... everyone does them together... One.Big.Burpee.Family.) If you have trouble with Toes2Bar, hanging leg raises will be accepted today, but stick with the same height for your knees for the entire workout. You will determine how many Lunges you do, you must start at the Rig, and make it over to the wall... so, bigger steps = less steps, but it will be up to you. 

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