Gymnastics Skill Work 10 - 15 Minutes
Kipping Pull-ups
Butterfly Pull-ups
Bar Muscle Ups

*We will go over your technique on Kipping Pull-ups first, then, if you are able, we will work Butterfly Pull-ups, and Bar Muscle Ups. Don't miss out, this is a much needed skill session!


Every Minute On the Minute for 20 Minutes:

Odd Minutes: Hang Power Clean
Even Minutes: Power Clean (from floor)

*Start at 75 - 80% of your 1RM Power Clean. If both your Hang Power, and Power Clean felt good for your last set, you can move up the weight, but make small jumps.


Lisa Dempsey said...

Tonight's gymnastics skill work reminded me how important it is to be born with coordination...

Cleans: 75# for rounds 1-15
80# for rounds 16-20.

Rachel said...

83-113# for cleans