In an attempt to better serve our gym members and build a better and stronger CFH community we are excited to make the following announcement!

With Lisa's help we have formed a Membership Committee comprised of 8 gym members that encompass all class times that we offer...

These members are:
Trent Czerwinski
Kevin Story
Lisa Dempsey
Rachel King
John Dunn 
Carolyn Glynn
Brittany Kauffman
Emilie Goldsberry

The members will meet once a month and discuss all issues that potentially effect you, our gym members, and be your voice for any opinions/ideas/suggestions any of you might havtoad we continue to build a stronger Crossfit community at CFH...

Please feel free to seek out these 8 members of the committee along with any coaches and express your thoughts and opinions so we can continue to build to bigger and better things at CFH now and in the future!

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