Skill/Power 15 - 20 Minutes:
Muscle Clean - Start with the Hang Muscle Clean, then move to the floor when you can no longer catch the barbell without re-dip. Practice receiving the barbell on the shoulder with little, or no, re-dip for the catch. Work your way up to around 60% of your 1RM Power Clean, still focusing on minimal re-dip. Getting better at this method of Clean will help reduce your times, when testing yourself, and in competition. If the weight being light enough you will be able to cycle through faster, while maintaining good positioning through the workout.


Tabata Mash-up
16 Tabata Cycles (8 total minutes)

1) Hang Muscle Clean (135/95)
2) Front Plank Hold
3) Right Side Plank Hold
4) Left Side Plank Hold

*You will switch exercises every Tabata cycle, going down the list 4 total times. Your score will be your total Hang Muscle Cleans. ONLY use 40% - 45% of your 1RM Power Clean for the Hang Muscle Cleans.