Skill Work 15 Minutes:
Kipping Handstand Push-ups - Keep the volume low, no more than 3 - 5 per set. If your positioning is solid, you can use a deficit with plates, or the parallettes.


As Many Rounds As Possible in 20 Minutes:

10 Pull-ups (any style)
:20 Second Ring Hold (hold position at the TOP of a Ring Dip)
30 Walking Lunges (unweighted)

Use 35/26 Kettlebell - only do 24 Walking Lunges per round
Use 53/35 Kettlebell - only do 18 Walking Lunges per round
Use 70/53 Kettlebell - only do 12 Walking Lunges per round

*Pull-ups are however (kip, butterfly, etc...). The Ring Hold will be done with solid positioning, and hands turned slightly out while holding. No bands for the Ring Holds, accumulate your 20 seconds LEGIT!!! :-)


John Dunn said...

7 rds plus 5 lunges with 35#.

While I got muscle ups pre workout I attempted to mu into position for the holds two rounds but clearly struggle when fatigued from the pull ups.

Anonymous said...

Needed 15 more seconds for 7 rounds
35# lunges

Lisa Dempsey said...

8 rds plus 20 sec. ring hold
Body weight lunges. Still felt the love without using a KB.

Rachel said...

9 lunges short of 6 rounds rx

Colin McDermott said...

7 1/3 (MU/70#)