Skill Work 15 Minutes Total:
Tall Snatch 5 Minutes - Quickly work up to a moderate - heavy 1 rep, using NO hip drive, but catching in a full squat.
High Hang Squat Snatch - Beginning at the load you finished your 5 Minutes of Tall Snatch, work up to a heavy 1 rep, only using a 2 inch dip, and keeping your chest completely upright.


3 Rounds For Time:
5 Full Squat Snatch (135/95)
10 Strict Toes2Bar
20 Calorie Row (Damper on 5)

**12 Minute Cut-off**

*Use no more than 65 - 70% of your 1RM Full Squat Snatch for the workout. Toes2Bar must be as strict as you can make them, with no kip at all. If you cannot perform Strict Toes2Bar, you may scale to Strict Knees2Armpits, or Hanging Leg Raises, BUT... if you must scale, you have to drop from the bar EVERY rep to reset (this isn't as slow as it sounds, just don't take a "rest break" every rep). For the Row: Yes, the damper must be on 5... :-)