Good Ol' Tabata today. If you don't know Tabata, you will. First, some practice on Rowing and Double Unders.

Skill Work 10 - 15 Minutes:
Row Technique - Pacing, Damper Settings, and Positioning for Pulling (think: Core to Extremity)
Double Unders - Rhythm, NOT excessively pulling your feet up behind you, Hand Positioning for Rotation (think: Small Circles are faster than Big Circles)


Tabata Mixerrrrr!!!

8 Rounds of each (4 Minutes each), completing all rounds of each movement, before moving on to the next. For larger classes, we will run heats, starting later heats a round behind (approx. 30 secs).
1 Round is 20secs of work & 10secs of rest

Row For Calories
Goblet Lunges (53/35)
Double Unders

*Today, your score will be your TOTAL for each movement, so just keep a running total on each one. You will have four different scores today. The Goblet Lunges will NOT be Walking Lunges, you will Lunge FORWARD, and return to your starting position, while holding a Kettlebell. Holding the Kettlebell will be similar to a Goblet Squat, except... it's a Lunge today. :-) If you cannot complete Toes2Bar, you perform the most difficult version of a Hanging Leg Raise you are capable of. If you must perform Single Unders, instead of Doubles, every 2 Single Unders will count for 1 Double Under. Your 10 seconds of rest, after the last round of the movement you just completed, will be your ONLY transition time to get to the next movement, so move fast!


Emilie Goldsberry said...

56 cals, 63 lunges (26#), 40 TTB, 120 DUs

Anonymous said...

72 cal
60 lunges
67 T2B
204 DU

43 cal
52 lunges
47 K2E
41 DU

Kevin said...

53 cal
64 lunges
56 t2b
213 du

Lisa Dempsey said...

41 cal
80 lunges 36#
26 T2B
410 singles

Colin McDermott said...

62 kcal
76 lunges
38 T2B
110 DUs