Team Workout Saturday!!! Today we're going to try one of the newest Hero workouts...

In Teams of 2:

"Team Ned"

7 Rounds For Time:
11 Back Squats PER partner @ Bodyweight (22 TOTAL)
1,000m Row

**35 Minute Cut-off**

*You will perform your 11 Back Squats, then your partner will perform theirs. If you need to, you may add weight to the barbell between your sets. Just round to the nearest 5# increment; if you weigh 152lbs, just put 150lbs on the barbell. You may split the 1,000m Row however you want between the two of you. Make an attempt to finish, but this is a longer workout, so the goal should be just to get as far as you can; if you complete it, great, if not, still great. :-)


Lisa Dempsey said...

5 rds + 22 squats + 86m with Sam.

Darren said...

5 rds + 21 squats with John ( john 11 @ 185, me 10 @ 160).