Straight-up, old school, MetCon today!

Once through For Time:

1,000m Row/Run
50 Barbell Thrusters (45/33... empty barbell)
30 Pull-ups (any style)
50 Wall Ball Shots (20/14)
1,000m Row/Run

**20 Minute Cut-off**

*We will run heats, 5 minutes apart if needed. You must select to either Row OR Run for the first and second 1,000m, but you must do one of EACH... so you may either Row first, or Run first, then you will perform the other movement, second. For example: if you Run first, you will Row the second 1,000m.


Darren said...

19:55 rx

Lisa Dempsey said...

18:49 Rx
I dreaded the wall balls all day. That happens every time wall balls are in a WOD. That can't be normal at my age. Ha ha

John Dunn said...

19:03 rx

Emilie Goldsberry said...

20:20 the wall balls just killed me!! Fun one though :)

CrossFit Hydro said...

Heavy deadlift with farmers carry handles instead of a barbell while standing on a 1" mat... Interesting :)
- Up to 215# in each hand (430 total)

Split the wod up into EMOTM for 16 total minutes:
1st min - 250m row (:48-:50)
2nd min - 20 unbroken thrusters (45#)(:30-:34)
3rd min - 15 unbroken pull ups (:18-:20)
4th min - 10 Wall Ball Shots (35#)(:18 each time)
Did one final 250m row to finish at a sprint... :47



Lisa Dempsey said...

That looks nasty, JVB. GAWD.
But, good work.

Colin McDermott said...