Team Workout Saturday!!! Bring knee sleeves if you got 'em!

In Pairs (or 3's, at Coach's discretion)...
As Many Rounds As Possible in 20 Minutes:

10 Dumbbell Full Squat Cleans (35 - 50#/20 - 30#)
30 Push-ups
50 Calorie Row

*You may split the work however between the pair of you, and switch out whenever you choose, but you must finish one movement before moving on to the next. Only one person works at a time. The dumbbells must touch the floor, and you must do a full squat, for each rep of the Dumbbell Squat Cleans. You will have a dumbbell in BOTH hands. 


Darren said...

4 rounds + 4 push ups with Scott. 50# db's

Anonymous said...

Bri & Toni
3 rounds @ 30# DB

Lisa Dempsey said...

With Jen and Kent (visitor from Huntington, CA)
3 rds + 21 cal (Justin had us do more reps since we were a team of three). 21/40/60

Colin McDermott said...

5 rounds + 30 push-ups (50# DB)
With Luke