Bring your jump rope, if you have one of your own!

Every 2 minutes for 16 minutes (8 total rounds)
3 Position Snatch - Start at 75%, if things feel solid, add weight, but make small jumps.
Position 1: High Hang Squat Snatch
Position 2: Mid Thigh Squat Snatch
Position 3: Full Squat Snatch


As Many Rounds As Possible in 10 Minutes of:
5 Clapping Push-ups (fellas - hands need to clap / ladies - hands must break contact with floor)
10 Pull-ups (any style)
20 Unbroken Double Unders (if you mess up, you start again at zero DU's)

*If you need to, scale to Knee Push-ups, but they still must be "Clapping" Push-ups. You may use bands for Pull-ups, as needed. If you cannot do Double Unders consistently, do 40 Single Unders, but these must be UNBROKEN for your set to count each round, otherwise, you start at zero Single Unders for that round.


Crystal Stidham said...

Snatch: 75#
Wod: 4rds+6 pull-ups, rxd

CrossFit Hydro said...

Hip work beforehand
- DB hip 3x1
- Ball roll outs 3x5
- Band activation work

3 pos power snatch... Knee wasn't feeling a squat catch
- 175 for last 3 rounds

Back box squat... Working weak hips so band round knees, way wider stance and 2 sec pause on the box...
5x5... I'll try to work more weight into each set as long as knee, hips & back are in a good position...
- 135,185,205,225,225

Class wod... Short on time
12 rds + 5 clap push ups
- Messed on dus 1x


Anonymous said...

snatch 80#
WOD 6rounds (5du)

Susannah Dunn said...

93# for snatch complex (previous 1RM for squat was 90...so I guess PR)

6 rds (scaled to 8 DU, 3 pull-up negatives and knee push ups)

Anonymous said...

68# snatch

6 rounds plus 20 dus and 5 push ups (scaled to 5 pullups/round, push ups - hands broke ground)


Rachel said...

53-63# for snatches
4 rounds plus some, scaled to regular pushups, pullups slowed me down