Box Jump Test 15 Minutes:
Max Height Box Jump - You will have 15 mins to work up to the maximum height you can jump up onto. Both feet must land on top of the box, and you must be able to stand up and show control. You may take an approach of a couple of steps.

Then, some core work...

Buy In: 50 Walking Lunges
Immediately Followed By...
5 Rounds For Time:
30 Second Hollow Hold
20 Second L-Sit Hold
10 Toes2Bar
Immediately Followed By...
Buy Out: 50 Walking Lunges

**15 Minute Cut-off**

*Your holds do not have to be consecutive, just accumulate the time needed. If you need to bend your knees for the L-Sit Hold, you may do so if necessary, but make them hard.


Anonymous said...

40" box jump (pr)
12:37 rx

Rachel said...

31.5" box jump
4 lunges short of finishing in 15min (scaled T2B to 5 per round... Grrrr)

Lisa Dempsey said...

28" box
14:20 (scaled only t2b to 5 per round)

Kudos to Carly for pushing past the mental beast that appeared every time she went to box jump!

Colin McDermott said...

4 rounds + 3 T2B