Class at 12pm and 12:45pm.

In teams of 2 perform 7 Rounds for time of:

Walking Lunges 20ft, turn & 20ft back
Wheelbarrow 20ft, turn & 20ft back
Cartwheel 20ft, do not turn & 20ft back
"Bunny Rope" 20ft, turn & 20ft back

Only one partner will work at a time.
For wheelbarrows, one partner will hold the other's legs while they walk the total of 40'.
For cartwheels, you will lead with one hand for 20', and lead with the opposite for 20'.
For "bunny rope", you will do single-under jump rope while hopping towards the 20' mark; you may then stop and turn, then resume "bunny roping" the other 20'.

Go hard guys, you get some built in rest throughout the workout... and have some fun.

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