10 Rounds For Time:

4 Weighted Burpees (45/25)
6 Wall Ball Shots (20/14)
8 Box Jumps (24/20)

*The objective is to keep moving in this little triplet. The reps are low enough, you should be able to do the sets mostly unbroken, if not all unbroken, resting between exercises. Let's see some CrossFit sweat angels today. :-)


Anonymous said...

17:36 rx'd good workout my thanks to the noon class for helping me get thru the last round....dave

Crossfit Hydro said...

Push press 215#x5
Push jerk 255x3
Split jerk 275x1

7:47 on the class workout Rx'd... Nice to hit a workout with the class :)

Justin VB

Megan said...


11:51 Rx'd

Anonymous said...

Did this workout with Brandon after ramp class scaled 25# plate burpee, 12"box and 14# Wallball DNF 18:05 dammit!! Burpees with weights as if they are not hard enough :) Thanks Brandon glad I waited for you.