"Slow Motion"

5 Rounds for time:

21 Med Ball Sit-ups (20/14)
15 Hand Release Push-ups
9 Deadlifts (135/95)

*You may not use any type of bounce, kip, or throwing motion (sit-ups) for this workout. For the Med Ball Sit-ups, you must start every rep with the back of your head touching the floor. The Med Ball must be held against the chest, directly under the chin, for all of the reps, and the leading edge of the Med Ball must at least pass between your knees. For the Push-ups, your chin must "kiss" the floor, as well as your hands coming off of the floor, or the rep doesn't count. The Deadlifts may not be bounced off of the floor, each rep you will open your hands at the bottom of the rep; you may leave your palms in touch with the bar, but your hands must open every rep when the bar comes back into contact with the floor.

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Anonymous said...

med ball sit ups 10#
modified push ups
deadlifts 85#