Skill Work/Practice 5 - 10 Minutes
We will go over how to Row and Bike (Airdyne Bike) more efficiently, and you'll get a few of minutes to practice what you've learned. We will also go over Double Unders, and you'll get a couple of  minutes to practice them as well.

Row/Bike/Double Under Sprints
10 x 2:30min Rounds EACH For Time (25mins Total):

Odd Rounds - 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 = 50 Double Unders
Even Rounds - 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 = 200m Row

*We left something out didn't we… The BIKE!!! One of your Even Rounds will be swapped for the Bike. We will decide which of your rounds will be switched for a BIKE Round. You will pedal for 20 Calories on the Airdyne Bike, instead of Rowing 200m on the rower. How will we determine this, you ask… it will be based on your arrival at the gym. If you show up early for class, you will get first dibs on picking which round you'd like to be your Bike Round… if you're late, you will get stuck with whatever is left. :-)


Brianne Kemp said...

Fastest Row: :40
Fastest DU: :40
Airdyne: 1:10

Lisa Dempsey said...

Row: 47.1 - 50.2 (slowest after bike!)
DU: 10-13
Bike: 1:10

Emilie Goldsberry said...

Row: 39.0-41.2
Bike: 1:05
DU: 30 each round

Anonymous said...

Row 36 - 40
Du 11
Bike 51

John Dunn said...

Row - :35.6 - :36.7
DU - 13-24 (I got 8 in row!)
Bike - :40

Colin McDermott said...

Row 35.7-39.7
DU: :28-:48
Bike: :56