Strength 20 Minutes:
5RM Back Squat… BUT, you must pause at the bottom of each rep for 3 seconds. Stay as tight as possible in the bottom, and make sure you're technique is as good as you can make it.


Let's work on our Strict Gymnastics today.

For Time:
1 Strict Chin-up
1 Strict Handstand Push-up
2 Strict Chin-ups
2 Strict Handstand Push-ups

all the way to
10 Strict Chin-ups
10 Strict Handstand Push-ups

**10 Minute Cut-off**

*Scale the Chin-ups with bands if necessary, but make it HARD. Scale the Handstand Push-ups with AbMats, or do them off the side of a box if you have to, but again, make it HARD. Everything is strict today, NO KIPPING. Get as far as you can in the cut-off, and see if you can get it done.


Nick Lurz said...

175#, and I wrote it wrong on the board - I made it through 7 rounds plus 4 chin-ups.

Jordan said...

255# x5, 275# x3
8:44 rxd

dani b. said...

133# * 5 and 6 rounds.

John Dunn said...

6 rds + 4 HSPU (1 ab mat rounds 1 & 2, 2 ab mats after)

Anonymous said...

Kady: 165# 7 plus 3 strict chin ups (2 abmats after 4th rd 3 abmats haha)

Lisa Dempsey said...

116# 1x (3# PR); 113# x5
7 rds + 25 sec. handstand hold (can't do strict HSPU); strict chin ups till round 5, then skinny red band vertical. Talk about muscle fatigue. sheesh.

Jordan--saw you banging out those chin ups turbo-style! Dang.

Anonymous said...

9 1/2 ends + 5

Carolyn said...

99#, 9 Rounds w/med black across,wall walks w/hold

Susannah Dunn said...

148# (my old 1RM!!)

9 rds, black band and handstand holds

Anonymous said...

5rds+6pull ups

PU-3 rounds strict then thin band
HSPU-2 rounds strict, then 1 mat, then 2 mats


Jason Monroe said...

9 rds + 9 Chin ups

Colin McDermott said...

8 rds + 1 HSPU