Skill Work 5 - 10 Minutes:
Pistols - If you're already proficient at Pistols, practice them while focusing on your transition from one leg to the other, and trying to keep your heel planted. If you aren't amazing at Pistols just yet, focus on technique by squatting to a box, or using plates under your heels. We will help you determine how to make it challenging enough so you can progress further than you have before.


CrossFit Games Open Workout 13.4
Get As Far As Possible in 7 Minutes:

3 Clean & Jerks (135/95)
3 Toes2Bar
6 Clean & Jerks (135/95)
6 Toes2Bar
9 Clean & Jerks (135/95)
9 Toes2Bar
… Progress in this fashion, adding 3 reps to each movement every round, until 7 Minutes is up. Every rep will count towards your final score.

*Try to go RX'd on the weight, and do LEGIT Toes2Bar today, if possible. If you absolutely need to scale, we will assist you in selecting what you will need to do, BUT… scale the reps down first. Something like 2-4-6-8… or even 1-2-3-4… if you have to, but get as close to RX'd as possible, without getting dangerous.


Kevin said...

47 reps rx
+5 from 13.4

C Vice said...

34 REPS RX'd
Barb is a beast, she rocks!

Jordan said...

96 reps rxd

2 more than last year!

Colin McDermott said...

73 reps (rxd)

John Dunn said...

36 reps Rx

Anonymous said...

41 reps @115

Lisa Dempsey said...

58 reps @ 65#. Happy I got my toes to the bar every time! FINALLY!!

Megan said...

63 reps Rxd
Same as last year...but I had a little mishap on the bar. I think I would've beat it :)

Lisa Dempsey said...

Caleb Dempsey:
28 reps @ 65#

Anonymous said...

71 reps Rx'd

Jason Monroe said...


Chris Daniels said...

56 rxd

Carolyn said...

45 Reps @ 65#, k2chest

Anonymous said...

46 @#95

Crystal Stidham said...

40 reps, rxd

Brianne Kemp said...

46 Rxd

Then I did the games group stuff:

Tall Snatch @65#

Squat Snatch - up to 99# (PR for squat snatch)