Great work in the Open this year!

Don't forget to submit your scores by 7pm Monday night if you haven't yet!

Done BEFORE we start the regular class warm up so get in a little earlier to do this in your own...
1.) Floss - Ankle OR Knees (whichever one limits your squat abilities)
2.) Lacross Ball - Back of shoulder
3.) Rumble Roller - Lats & Quads
* Pick at least ONE or ALL of these, but hit this BEFORE we start class... Thanks!

3-Position Snatch
- REP 1 = High Hang Snatch
- REP 2 = Mid-Thigh Snatch
- REP 3 = Below Knee Snatch (Can't touch floor!)
* These THREE reps equals ONE set... Perform for 5 rounds for MAX LOAD, with GREAT technique... 2-3 Minutes REST between each set...

Pick the height you want to catch any of these, but it would be preferred that you work on a squat catch for AT LEAST ONE of these three reps on each set...

20 minutes for this one

Keep this one simple and get some "active recovery" for a week or two then back to regular training...

Take 10-15 minutes and perform the following in any combination you want until finished:
40 Ring Rows (No broken body/rib positions!)
80 AbMat STRICT Sit Ups (As little swing as possible)
120 Russian Twists (Use a med ball to make this one more challenging!)

You can do this anyway you like... 10 rounds of 4/8/12, 5 rounds of 8/16/32, 1 round of 40/80/120, etc... It's your call for this one and no time cutoff...



Lisa Dempsey said...

After that lovely ab work, I ate a piece of cake after dinner. Whaaaaaaaaaat? Dang my sweet tooth.#paleobandwagon

Lisa Dempsey said...

One more thing. Now that Games is over and I'm feeling all kinds of strong, I wondered if...maybe...all of a sudden snatches would be easier and I could lift a little more. Um...wait for it...NO.

Oh well. I am in for the long ride.